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Benefits of Fog Sealing over a Chip Seal

The Benefits of Fog Sealing over a Chip Seal

What is a Fog Seal?

A Fog Seal is a light application of a diluted asphalt emulsion.  Utilizing the Fog Seal process on a newly chip sealed road is a low cost process that provides many benefits.


After a chip seal is applied, the excess chips will be swept off of the road (sufficient setting of chip seal oil is required before sweeping).  After the excess chips are swept off, the Fog seal crew will apply the Fog Oil over all areas of the road that were chip sealed.  Traffic control, taping of water valves/manhole covers, and monitoring the road for proper set up are all done by the Fog crew.  The road is typically opened up to traffic within a couple of hours. This set-up time can vary depending on weather and shade.


    • Aids in Chip Retention by providing extra asphalt binder to lock in the rock


  • Helps prevent Raveling and Stripping
  • Helps eliminate loose stones that can chip and crack windshields
  • Decreases snowplow damage by creating a tighter, less coarse surface
  • Darker roads help aid in snow and ice melt off
  • Improves pavement marking visibility, thereby increasing safety
  • Lengthens the time period between pavement markings
  • Initial black finish is aesthetically pleasing and preferred by the majority of the driving public

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