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Asphalt – Fact or Fiction

IMG-20131017-00578Engineers who design roadways, recreational facilities, residential communities and commercial properties know the benefits of asphalt repair and pavement. However, there are some people who believe certain myths that cast asphalt in a negative light. Following are some of the most common misconceptions about asphalt.

1. Asphalt pavement has a very short life.

Actually, there are stretches of asphalt roads that have lasted for more than 60 years and will likely last for at least another 50 or 60 years. A home’s driveway that does not see abnormally heavy traffic should last 30 or 40 years. Even a heavily trafficked parking lot should hold up for between 15 and 25 years. Of course, extended lifespans require a professional, quality installation and proper maintenance over the ensuing years.

2. It is useless to repair asphalt surfaces.

Timely, professional repairs are essential to extend the life of the pavement. Neglecting damaged asphalt will allow the damage to spread. Eventually, the entire surface may become impossible to repair and require complete replacement.

3. The production and use of asphalt harms the environment.

Asphalt plants are not on the EPA’s list of industrial plants contributing a harmful amount of hazardous pollutants. Asphalt pavement does not “leach” toxins into the soil, and it does not dissolve in water. In fact, asphalt is often used in situations requiring materials that do not release any contaminants, such as public water supplies, hazardous material landfills and fish hatcheries. Asphalt is also the most-recycled material in the U.S. In addition, asphalt plants have the lowest carbon footprint of all plants producing paving materials.

4. Asphalt is an expensive choice for paving streets and roads.

This myth is likely an outcrop of the myth that asphalt has a short life. Asphalt roads costs less than concrete to build. Neither pavement will be repair-free. The key difference is that when concrete needs a repair, it often requires closing the lane or street to traffic for a lengthy period, which results in traffic delays as well as a costly repair. Asphalt repairs are normally much faster, which means that traffic can return to normal much more quickly and the repairs will not be as costly.

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