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What causes potholes?

Potholes range in size, shape and depth, and it is not always easy to avoid them. They are more than an eyesore on roads and parking lots; they also damage a vehicle’s tires and suspension system.

Flexible pavements have multiple layers with a foundation of compacted dirt and added gravel for drainage. The upper layer commonly known as asphalt pavement provides a solid and structurally sound driving surface that can last 20 to 30 years if properly maintained. It is this top layer of the pavement structure where we find the beginnings of a pothole.

A Common Culprit

Potholes can be the result a number of underlying issues, but the most common cause has to do with the weather. As asphalt begins to age it looses its ability to flex with the rise and fall of temperatures. This ultimately will cause the pavement to crack. With this repeated change in temperature, asphalt pavements expand and contract causing small cracks in the surface to develop. Combined with the stress of daily traffic, these cracks grow larger and allow moisture to penetrate the layers below. As the moisture builds up, it weakens the foundation and collapses the asphalt. The resulting pothole may start out small at first but eventually grows larger because of constant traffic and the changing weather.

Potholes also form during the winter months when water seeps beneath the asphalt and freezes. The freezing water expands and drives out the dirt and gravel, leaving behind a small hole when the ice finally melts. As cars pass over this hole, it further strains the area and creates a deeper, wider pothole. These larger potholes cause the most damage to vehicles, and they only grow larger without proper maintenance.

The Asphalt Patching Solution

Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC has a variety of temporary and permanent solutions for the common pothole. From spray patch to infrared repair, the Fahrner team of experts can address the particular need of your pavement property. Fill out the free quote form on our website and receive a free pavement evaluation to determine the right solution for your needs. We have specialized in residential and commercial asphalt patching for more than 35 years in the Wisconsin, Minnesota and Upper Michigan areas.

Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and East Michigan, also specializes in asphalt sealcoating, pavement maintenance and parking lot striping,

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