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How’s your Parking Lot Maintenance Plan? Are You Ready For The Winter?

Parking Lot Maintenance Plan If you want a beautiful parking lot that achieves its full life, you will need to maintain it. Just like a home, office or car, asphalt needs a certain amount of care to look and perform its best. Here are some tips that may be helpful.

• Fix the little problems before they become big ones. When you notice a crack, low spot or other damage, have it repaired promptly. If you ignore minor damage, it will only get worse — and cost you more to repair.
• Have sealcoating professional applied periodically. Usage determines how often a parking lot needs to be sealed, but every two or three years is typical for many lots.
• When having your parking lot cleared of snow, make sure that the blade’s height is set correctly. If not, the blade of the snowplow could gouge or cut your pavement.
• Apply fresh pavement markings when they begin to fade. New paint enhances the curb appeal of your property, but it also makes it safer.
• Eliminate areas where water pools. Your asphalt professional can correct depressions in the pavement or insufficient drainage. Make sure drainage basins are kept clear of leaves and debris so that water does not flow back onto your pavement.
• If your parking lot is not engineered for heavy vehicles such as semis, keep them off your pavement. If you must receive deliveries, you might want to consider installing a separate entrance and thicker pavement to prevent damage to the area used by your customers and employees.
• Gasoline, oil, power steering fluids and other automotive fluids can accelerate the decay of your pavement. These petroleum-based products will attack the binders in your pavement and try to reunite with the asphalt. As a result, the pavement can deteriorate. Remove all such spills or leaks as soon as possible. Although sealcoating can slow the rate at which these liquids will reach the asphalt, it cannot stop them completely, so do not rely on sealcoating alone to protect your pavement from damage.

Since 1979, Fahrner Asphalt Sealers has been providing our customers with exceptional results at competitive prices. We offer a full range of asphalt-related services, including paving, repairs, sealcoating, pavement markings and routine maintenance. We serve customers in the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Upper and Lower Michigan and Minnesota. You can submit our online form to request your free quote, or feel free to call us at (800) 332-3360.

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