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Parking Lot Maintenance For Retail Businesses

Commercial Business & Property OwnersCurb appeal describes the visual appearance of the exterior of a property. Just like a house, a retail business can have great curb appeal or no curb appeal whatsoever. Retailers need an attractive exterior — good curb appeal — to help turn potential customers into buyers.

Parking Lot Maintenance For Retail Businesses – The Importance

• Customers often make a correlation between the exterior and interior of a business. If the parking lot is shoddy, the customer may perceive that the goods sold by the store are also of poor quality.
• An attractive parking lot implies that the retailer has pride in his store. Customers may feel that retailers who are proud of their stores must have a good reason, such as quality goods or outstanding customer service.
• Some customers feel that an unattractive parking lot is less safe. They may feel that there could be potholes or debris present that could damage their vehicles, or they might feel that such lots pose a greater risk of “fender-benders.”

A routine maintenance program is an excellent way to improve the curb appeal of a retailer’s parking lot. However, the same steps used to make the lot more attractive will also help prolong its life by protecting the pavement from damage.

• Cracks are unsightly, but they are also hazardous to the health of asphalt pavement. Water will enter through the cracks, and when it freezes, it can cause more cracks or potholes. In some cases, the water can destabilize the foundation and cause damages that are costly to repair.  Patching asphalt is critical to maintain your parking lot.
Asphalt sealer is one of the most economical ways to both protect and beautify asphalt pavement. It forms a barrier between the asphalt and chemicals, such as transmission fluid or engine coolants, that can damage asphalt. It also covers minor imperfections to give the pavement a smoother appearance and helps restore the asphalt’s color.
• Keeping a parking lot clean can increase its appeal. Power washing can help improve the appearance of a parking lot. The prompt removal of chemical spills is also important (for both beauty and protection), even if the pavement has been sealcoated.
Parking lot marking and striping contribute much to the appearance of a parking lot. Even the best paints will not last forever and a restripe is very important. When they become faded and worn, drivers will have more trouble knowing where to park or in which direction traffic should flow.

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