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What Are the Benefits of Asphalt?

Asphalt CompanyAsphalt pavement is superior to concrete in numerous ways and is the ideal choice for paving roads, driveways, airstrips and parking lots. The following are some of the main benefits of this widely used paving material:


About 30 percent cheaper than concrete, asphalt is an inexpensive paving material to both construct and repair. Because both of these tasks can also be performed more quickly than with concrete, the costs of labor and road blockages are also minimized.

Speed and Ease of Construction

While concrete usually takes about a week to cure, asphalt takes less than half that time to cure, which means that the roadway will be cleared and ready for use faster.


Resistant to all types of harsh weather and high traffic, asphalt lasts significantly longer than other paving materials and is less likely to crack than concrete.


Roads and driveways made from asphalt can milled, and the material can be used again multiple times, making it a renewable resource.


The dark color of asphalt contrasts with white road markings, creating better visibility while driving. Black asphalt also draws in heat during the day, which helps melt snow faster than concrete. Additionally, the smooth, skid-resistant finish helps drivers maintain control on the road, and this type of pavement drains water and absorbs sound for even greater driving safety.

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