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What causes asphalt tennis courts to become damaged?

Assuming the asphalt was installed properly, the most common reason for tennis court damage is the aging asphalt’s loss of flexibility. Once asphalt begins to “dry out” it is not able to expand and contract with the seasons as it did when it was first installed. This lack of flexibility causes the asphalt to crack or shift, making the playing surface unplayable.

Additionally, the sun’s powerful UV rays cause the playing surface to fade in color making it more difficult play.

The amount of repair that a tennis court will need depends on the damage that is present. If the surface is treated when a problem is first recognized, the repair that is needed will be minimal and likely much more affordable.

If your tennis court is fading, has water puddles, has minor cracks, you should consider resurfacing in order to avoid potential for continued degradation.

Although tennis courts are made of the same asphalt as parking lots or driveways, they have specific structural requirements and unique problems. Thus, repair should be handled by a specialist who is familiar with the latest technology and techniques of court rehabilitation.

With proper maintenance, a well-constructed tennis court should last 18 to 20 years.

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