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Microsurfacing Asphalt Surfaces

Microsurfacing is a versatile process that has been used to fix rutting, spalling, stripping, and deteriorated concrete/asphalt joints.  Recent projects in Chisago and Pine counties have been successful in providing an affordable and clean surface treatment on streets that would otherwise require a complete remove and replace project or an expensive overlay.


Stripping of asphalt surfaces occurs when the top ½” – 2” of the blacktop “strips” off of the asphalt mat, creating a shallow pothole.  Because Microsurfacing involves a chemical break and starts to set as soon as it is laid out, the Micro can fill depressed areas up to 1” in depth and can be layered to fill deeper areas.  Many Minnesota cities, (including Chisago City, North Branch, Lindstrom and Hinckley) have had stripping that they’ve been able to fix with a timely Micro surfacing program.  They’ve been able to save thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars vs. other alternative solutions.  Another added benefit of the Microsurface process is that it can fix deteriorated concrete/asphalt joints between the asphalt street and the concrete gutter.  By filling this joint and overlapping the gutter 1-2”, water will again properly drain into the gutter instead of into the deteriorated joint.

Utilizing the Micro-surface process as a versatile and affordable tool can vastly improve your streets and roads while saving $ that can be put towards other pressing projects.

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