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Why route a crack versus only clean and fill the crack?

  1. If the crack is not routed, the crack seal material has difficulty flowing to the bottom of the crack.  When the crack is routed, the crack seal material fills the crack from the bottom up.
  2. Routing creates a reservoir that has two walls and a floor.  This reservoir allows for better bonding of the crack sealer.
  3. Cracks that are routed are filled flush to the existing pavement; therefore, routed cracks are less susceptible to snow plow damage.
  4. Cracks that are routed prior to being filled with crack sealer can have 50% more longevity.
  5. The long term performance of routing cracks more than offsets the additional cost of the routing process.

Key message: Routing a crack prior to crack sealing extends the amount of time before a crack opens back up and needs to be resealed.

Cracks that have been previously filled cannot be routed because the existing rubber product will foul or “gum up” the router blade, thus, not allowing for a clean, well defined, routed “canal”.  In this instance, it is recommended to clean and fill cracks using the method known as Blo-n-go, which includes the use of a heat lance and compressed air to clean the existing crack before filling.

An asphalt surface that contains many cracks, also known as “alligator cracking”, is another candidate for the Blo-n-go method of crack filling versus route and seal because of the possibilities of causing more surface damage during the routing process because of the numerous cracks.

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  1. Chris
    Dec 13, 2016

    This is actually some good info. I am getting my driveway redone where I live (NY) and none of the contractors around here have even told me this. Thank you!

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