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September 3rd, 2013 | Posted in General Asphalt Topics | No Comments


 A visitor to our website will find these three words in several locations: Safety, Quality and Production.  They represent Fahrner Asphalt Sealers’ corporate values, what we believe are the ingredients to success for our customers, our employees and our company.  The sequence of importance should be a tell tale of the character of a company.  To truly be effective, these values must be practiced daily by the Leadership Team.  Here at Fahrner Asphalt, we believe every employee is responsible to be a Leader.  These corporate values (and the sequence of importance) are consistently communicated in many ways, beginning with new employee orientation followed by:

  • All Employee Training Meetings
  • Posted Daily Communications
  • Employee Handouts & Quick Reference Cards
  • “Tool Box” Talks  (Foreperson led discussions that cover safety topics) 

SAFETY: With great passion, keeping our employees, customers and the general public safe is the most important corporate objective.  If we fail at being safe, nothing else matters.  All employees fully understand and appreciate that SAFETY is a responsibility we all share in and are assigned to complete successfully each and every day.  Beginning with wishing one another a safe day each morning, to looking out for each other and the general public as we complete our daily requirements, being safe is at the forefront of our thoughts.  Safety…THERE SIMPLY IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT…it starts and stops with Safety!!

QUALITY: Second to safety is quality.  We take extreme pride in the quality of our products and services.  Consistent quality that exceeds our customer’s specifications and expectations is our commitment on each and every project.  Our quality reputation is a key ingredient to our 35+ years of successful business.
However, we certainly realize that mistakes happen.  No company is perfect.  Be assured Fahrner Asphalt will proactively stand behind our products and services.

Repeat business and positive networking is a direct by product of providing quality products and services.  We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to show you why we are the Vendor of Choice for asphalt maintenance.

PRODUCTION: Next after Safety and Quality is Production.  We appreciate and understand the safest company, providing the industry’s highest quality, still needs to provide competitively priced products and services.  To consistently be competitive we must work efficiently, utilizing state of the art equipment and properly trained employees.  In turn, we will minimize the customer’s downtime and get your pavement back in operation as quickly as possible.


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