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Asphalt Crack Sealing & Repair

Asphalt Crack Repair Process

Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC offers professional crack sealing and asphalt repair services throughout the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Upper Michigan. For over 35 years we have served municipalities, commercial and residential markets with unmatched quality and customer care.

Pavement Deterioration Prevention – Timely Pavement Maintenance Saves Money

The first line of defense against water intrusion is crack sealing.

Proper asphalt crack sealing along with other maintenance techniques (ie: installing control joints on new asphalt) can prevent costly water damage and greatly increase the life of your asphalt pavements.

Fahrner Asphalt Sealers is an industry leader in asphalt crack repair for asphalt driveways, highways, roads, city streets, parking lots and airports in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. We use top of the line products assuring the best possible results on each and every job. Our crews work in a professional and safe manner. Through efficient operations we can minimize disruption to traffic flow.

What Causes Asphalt Pavement to Crack?

Four seasons a year is great for Midwesterners but it’s brutal on pavement. Add daily traffic use, water seeping in from rain, and the winter freeze-thaw cycles. This environment will prematurely crack and age asphalt. Leaving this deterioration untreated leads to costly blacktop repairs.

Water Penetration

Water penetrates through the cracks in the pavement and into the sub base. The base is then softened which leads to cracks working their way up to the surface, then to “alligatored” areas and eventually potholes.


The second cause of pavement cracking is due to oxidation. Since asphalt pavement is approximately 94% aggregate and only 6% asphalt oil, it is very susceptible to the elements. Sun, rain, heat and cold trigger the asphalt to oxidize, causing it to harden and shrink.

Lack of Control Joints

Most asphalt surfaces, unlike concrete, do not have control joints and thus cracks appear where the most stress is placed. (See our Saw & Seal page.)

Asphalt crack repair is the most critical, yet cost-effective method for maximizing the life of pavement – and your investment.

For quality asphalt repair and maintenance services in Wisconsin (Eau Claire, Plover, Waunakee, Kaukauna, LaCrosse), Minnesota (Oakdale), Michigan (Saginaw, Iron River) and Iowa (Dubuque).

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