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Bridge Deck Overlay Repair & Maintenance


What is a Bridge Deck Polymer Overlay?

A Bridge Deck Polymer Overlay is a two coat system utilizing an epoxy resin binder and specialized aggregate designed to increase skid resistance. The two part epoxy is applied to the deck surface using a static mixing tube to ensure proper ratio, and is evenly distributed across the surface with squeegees. Specialized aggregate is evenly distributed after the application of each coat of epoxy. This process creates an impervious wearing course that prevents water, chlorides, and deicing salts from penetrating the concrete.

Benefits of Bridge Deck Polymer Overlay

  • Seals the deck surface, protecting concrete and
    rebar from corrosion
  • Preserves the integrity of the bridge deck and
    extends its life
  • Adds friction value in times of inclement weather
  • Affordable maintenance system with quick cure
    times and minimal user delays

Site Preparation:

  • Sound the bridge for delamination
  • Remove and repair delamination areas
  • Shot blast the bridge deck
  • Sand blast areas the shot blaster cannot reach
  • Use compressed air and/or sweepers to clean
    the surface


Fahrner Asphalt Sealers has years of proven success in the bridge deck polymer overlay business.