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Our Process

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Below is the Chip Sealing process used by Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC.

Step 1A

Roads are prepared prior to sealing with a combination of crack filling, patching and sweeping. Wedging and thin overlays can also be installed where required.

Step 1B

Manholes and utilities are covered with dry aggregate prior to applying oil. After the chips are spread, the aggregate is easily removed from the covers using small hand tools.

Step 2A

A variety of oil types are available for application.

Step 2B

Oil is applied at a computer assisted rate and at varying widths up to 24’ wide in a single pass.

Step 3A

A variety of cover material is available for application.

Step 3B

Aggregate is uniformly spread at the desired rate, up to 24’ wide in a single pass.

Step 4

Compaction is completed with pneumatic tired and/or steel wheeled rollers.

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