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What is it?
ASI’s GSB-88 is an emulsified, gilsonite modified, pavement sealer and rejuvenator, and is one of the most environmentally sound pavement preservation products on the market. GSB-88 has a well-documented, 22 year history of performance and its use is expanding tremendously nationwide. It has been thoroughly tested by groups such as the FAA, United States Navy, and the Army Corp. of Engineers. It is successfully utilized by cities, counties, states, contractors, and airfields around the world. Effective in early stage pavement preservation, it is the ideal
product to fend off the aging process that starts immediately after construction is completed.

GSB-88 is formulated using natural occurring asphalt that has not been subjected to the oil refining processes that can deplete many of the elements beneficial to sustaining a quality, long lasting pavement. This unique formulation, when applied in a timely, systemic manner, will provide years of extended life to your asphalt pavements, significantly delaying expensive repair and replacement procedures. GSB-88 offers the introduction and reintroduction of oils and resins lost in the oxidization process, as well as superior binding, coating, and protection that only GSB-88 products can offer. While the maltenes rejuvenate the pavement, the Gilsonite asphalt seals the voids in the pavement and protects the pavement from harmful effect of water and sunlight.

Unlike many fog seals and rejuvenators the GSB-88 system has minimal effect on the skid resistance of the pavement which makes the application of sand an option and not a requirement. GSB-88 can be applied on the same road many times to extend the life of a pavement and has no problems with delamination. The product provides a durable, yet flexible top coat with a long-lasting anti-oxidative seal (unlike a normal sealcoat that is not flexible). GSB-88 beautifies your pavement by drying to an absolute black. Affordably priced, GSB-88 is your “common sense” maintenance sealant for higher traffic pavements.

Where to Apply GSB-88

GSB-88 is easily applied using standard asphalt distributors and spray equipment, and cures in a matter of just a few hours.

Types of asphalt that have been treated with GSB-88 are:

 Airport Runways and Taxiways
 City Street
 County and Town Roads
 High Volume State Highways
 Parking Lots
 Chips Seals, Micro Surfacing, Slurry Seals
♦ Areas where loose rock from Chip Seals and the Roughness of a Micro Surfacing are not acceptable
 GSB-88 has been applied to all types of asphalt that range from 1-6 years old depending on condition.

Reminder:   GSB-88 is not meant to be a corrective system for a failed or failing road. It is meant to be applied on a newer road to prolong the life of the asphalt which will then extend the time before a Chip Seal, Slurry Seal, Micro Surface, or overlay is needed.


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