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Why Asphalt Maintenance?

Why Asphalt Maintenance?

Maintenance is the Key to Maximizing the Natural Life Cycle of Asphalt.

As pavement maintenance contractors we realize that we are not the only people who understand the important role asphalt plays in our modern world. Whether travelling across town or across the country, asphalt helps us get there in a comfortable and safe maner. When we pull into a parking lot we appreciate the aesthetically pleasing experience of a well kept lot, and the clear directives it provides for both vehicles and pedestrians. Homeowners appreciate the rich black color of a well maintained asphalt driveway, and how it compliments the beauty of the homes natural surroundings. Indeed, while often unnoticed, asphalt plays a humble, yet important role in the every day lives of us all.

Asphalt maintenance, therefore, is critical in maintaining the beauty, safety and soundness of an asphalt pavement. At Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC our sole purpose is to ensure safe and well maintained asphalt for vehicles and pedestrians. The proven techniques we offer extend  – often times even double – the natural life cycle of properly installed asphalt pavement. Through protecting it from the harsh chemicals and the natural elements of time, we help governments, businesses and homeowners preserve it’s orignal characteristics that make it the pavement of choice for people and societies around the world.

If you own or care for asphalt properties, asphalt maintenance is absolutely necessary to prevent a drastically shortened life cycle. In fact, the earlier an asphalt maintenance program is put into place (as early as 90 days after installation), the longer its life cycle will be, and the less money you will spend on maintenance.

Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC has preserved and extended the life of asphalt pavements throughout the midwest since 1979. We have been the trusted resource for hundreds of state & local governments, commercial businesses, educational institutions, airports and homeowners.

Consider Fahrner for your upcoming asphalt maintenance project. Learn more about How We Work, call us directly at 800-332-3360, or fill out the Free Pavement Evaluation Form.