Asphalt Crack Repair

Asphalt crack repair, along with other maintenance techniques, can prevent costly water damage and greatly increase the life of your asphalt pavements.

We offer the following asphalt crack repair products and services:

  • Flex-Patch
  • Mastic
  • Two-Part (flex-patch and mastic)
  • Saw & Seal
  • Rout & Seal


Flex-Patching is a highly innovative maintenance process, which uses a blend of quality modified asphalt sealant and fibers that reduces slumping and greatly improves low temperature flexibility.  An aggregate cover material is then applied by a specialized stone injection truck, allowing constant traffic flow while also adding strength to the end-product.

Flex-Patching can be used on asphalt and concrete pavement and is the perfect complement prior to applying other surface treatments.  It is a versatile product that helps level cupped joints, repair alligator and compound cracking, and provides remarkable improvement to pavement drivability.


Mastic is a crack repair product that is designed for larger cracks and distressed surface areas. The binder contains an aggregate to ensure good load bearing and skid resistant characteristics.


Two-part repair includes Mastic and Flex-Patch products to fill pavement cracks.  Mastic is applied to the bottom of the damaged area to establish structure and strength, and Flex-Patch is applied on the top to provide a better riding surface.

Saw & Seal

Saw and Seal involves the installation of control joints at regular intervals in new pavement, allowing for expansion and contraction. Therefore, future random cracking is nearly non-existent.

Rout & Seal

Routing cracks before applying a rubberized sealant improves adhesion and allows the sealant to stretch a wider distance before tearing.  Crack routing also allows the sealant to remain below the surface level of the pavement which protects the sealant from traffic and snowplow contact.

All of our routers are equipped with a dust suppression system that complies with OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction.