Cold in Place Recycling

We are early innovators and experts in Cold-in-Place Recycling (CIR), a cost-effective and viable solution for reconstructing existing road surfaces exhibiting extreme deterioration. 

Reusing Materials

CIR can be done in a continuous process and reuses 100% of the existing road materials, which makes this system a good option for pavements reaching the end of their life as well as a good alternative for minimal traffic disruption.

CIR is an all-in-one pavement rehabilitation and placement process.  A CIR train first grinds off the upper layer of existing pavement where it is then conveyed to a portable crusher unit for size reduction.  The crushed product is then transferred to a pugmill mixer where virgin liquid asphalt cement is added and blended. The mixed product then travels to an asphalt paver where it is relayed on the road surface and compacted.  Once compacted, the CIR surface is combined with a thin pavement overlay or chip seal to further enhance the quality of the surface and extend the life of the pavement.